Aradea R. Hakim is …

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  • M.S. – Masters in Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts IMS Program, USA (2015)
  • M.Sc. – Masters in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering, University of Kiel, Germany (2009)
  • S.Si. – Bachelor in Oceanography, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (2012)

Industrial Involvements

  • Founder/Ocean Modeller – Botram Ocean Technology Research and Management, Indonesia (2015-present)
  • Research Associate – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA (2010-2015)


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  • Muhari, A., Imamura, F., Arikawa, T., Hakim, A., and Afriyanto, B. (2018). Solving the Puzzle of the September 2018 Palu, Indonesia, Tsunami Mystery: Clues from the Tsunami Waveform and the Initial Field Survey Data. J. Disaster Res., Vol.13 Sci. Comm., sc20181108.
  • Soejarwo, P.A., Fitriyanny, W.P., Hakim, A.R., and Heriati, A. (2018). Small island community readiness for potential renewable energy development: a case study of Bulang Kebam Island, Kep. Riau Province, Indonesia. IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 162 012036.
  • Cowles, G.W., Hakim, A.R., and Churchill, J.H. (2017). A comparison of numerical and analytical predictions of the tidal stream power resource of Massachusetts, USA. Renewable Energy. 114(A): 215-228.
  • Hakim, A.R., Cowles, G.W., and Churchill, J.H. (2013). The Impact of Tidal Stream Turbines on Circulation and Sediment Transport in Muskeget Channel, MA. Marine Technology Society Journal. 47(4): 122-136.